What the 8-Hour Diet can do for you

Getting on a diet is always a highly difficult task which requires discipline and commitment. Most of us tend to give up too quickly or grow frustrated when waiting for the results of our efforts and hard work to lose weight. But results of a diet and its compatibility to us, our schedule, and our lifestyle can depend on the kind of diet we choose as diets vary. Some can simply be fads, some can also be unhealthy. That is why choosing the right diet is highly critical if you really want to lose some pounds.

One of the trending diets in today’s market is the 8-hour diet. It is a weight loss plan from the author of the best-selling book “Eat This Not That” David Zinczenko, and is co-authored by Men’s Health editor Peter Moore. “”Watch the pounds disappear without watching what you eat” is the diet plan’s slogan, promising its users that they’ll be able to lose about 20 to 60 pounds while still eating whatever they want to eat. But, this revolutionary idea comes with a twist: you can only eat for eight hours each day and fast for the remaining 16 hours. Fasting is not something new, it has been suggested by different diets in the past years.

So what makes the 8-hour diet so special? It promises you a pound less a week and in six weeks, sculpted and toned abs, a firmer butt, leaner legs, and a sexier, new you without having to spend a penny! Aside from getting fit, the diet plan promises better health, unlike other diet plan in the market that can jeopardize your health. In six weeks, you’ll have a sharper mind, a stronger heart, higher insulin resistance, and have lesser risk in acquiring diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

The science behind the 8-hour diet plan was done by the Salk Institute. Scientists tested this on mice for a hundred days where the mice were made to eat as much as they wanted in a strict 8-hour time frame. The authors also researched on this by testing it to thousands of their followers in social media. There are no actual clinical studies done for the plan but it has received generally positive reviews from many users.

Authors’ Zinczenko and Moore are living proof of the effectiveness of the 8-hour diet. Zinczenko lost about 7 pounds with his diet plan by eating for only an 8-hour period and fasting for 16 hours daily. Moore, on the other hand, lost an astonishing 15 pounds and stated that the diet plan changed his life. He adds that it’s truly a challenge, but it just takes some getting used to.

What’s the big secret behind the 8-hour diet? Aside from the concept of an 8-hour window for eating, the diet plan has a comprehensive meal plan and eating schedule in order for the body to cope with the long period of fasting and for ensuring the right time for burning fat.  These features also help in refreshing a person’s body clock and eating and sleeping habits, especially for the busy and stressed.