What You Need to Know about the HCG Diet Plan

hcgdietThis diet is the latest to hit the storm of supplements and treatments people are using to try to lose weight quickly.  This diet consists of taking supplements of hCG, which is the hormone released by pregnant women.  It’s the hormone found in urine that clues pregnancy tests to whether or not a woman is pregnant.  It’s said that by taking this hormone, you appetite will be suppressed, allowing you to consume less food and have a more balanced, healthy diet.  Diet companies also claim that it kick starts the body’s response to start burning fat more rapidly and at a greater rate.

What’s the catch?  Most of these diets first require the hormone to be injected or taken orally.  They also restrict their users to very low calorie diets that are extremely restrictive in what can be consumed.  Usually, it’s limited to very raw and organic foods.  This alone would cause normal people to drop several pounds in several days, but with the hormone in the mix, people have reported dropping an impressive amount of pounds in just the forty-five days the company claims it will take.

The worrying part of this ordeal is that the FDA has begun to threaten companies that advertise this hormone in their product because using the hormone for humans has not been approved.  Many experts have claimed that any weight you lose with this hormone is the result of the starvation diet and not because of the supplement you’re adding to your diet.  Many doctors are concerned with potential side effects resulting from such a low diet.  Many claim that the low calorie consumption will cause a lot of people to miss out on essential vitamins and minerals.  This in turn will cause their metabolism to actually slow down rather than speed up.  When the body begins to think it’s starving, fat will be stored more often than not, and gaining weight after the diet will happen tenfold.

In some cases, when there isn’t enough fat for the body to burn as fuel, it will begin to burn muscle in order to keep going.  This could cause serious damage and lasting effects.  Rather than wasting a great deal of money on a hormone that potentially has no beneficial additive, it would be better to invest time and money into a healthy diet and activity plan that you can sustain over a long period of time.  This ensures that you will not only lose weight the healthy way, but that you will keep it off and not do damage to your body.  Weight loss is useless if you’re just going to gain the weight back every winter season, or right after your honeymoon.