America : A trend of obesity

There’s no doubt about it. American society and others throughout the world are becoming obsessed with being in shape. I suppose that’s not a bad thing as I can certainly think of worse things to be obsessed over than being healthy.

“Healthy” is the keyword to keep in mind when pursuing any weight loss goal. Often, one becomes obsessed with the idea of weight loss and chooses an unhealthy route to get there. Trying to become healthy by choosing an unhealthy approach is very counter-productive.

Many resign to diet pills which can be an unhealthy weight loss program. One must remember that some diet pills are made by chemists for large pharmaceutical companies. Sometimes, their main goal is profit and not your health. Many diet pills have not been tested for the appropriate length of time and and are sometimes forced off the market. The pharmaceutical companies often market these pills to people who are desperate to lose weight or are looking for a “quick weight loss” scheme. The same companies hide behind their small print, which many times states that a diet pill is not a permanent solution to weight loss, and should be a part of an overall weight loss plan along with proper diet and exercise. Many substandard doctors will quickly administer you a prescription for diet pills, and then forget about you. Am ethical doctor will recommend a plan which includes diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes. Even when diet pills are prescribed properly, they are meant to merely aid in the loss of weight and are not a permanent solution. It is important to keep in mind, however, that there are both good and bad products in every industry, as there are a few diet pills that have proven to be safe and effective. Some of them require no prescription.

Others have tried the low-carb or diet. It’s been proven that the Atkins diet can help you to lose weight quickly. But it is important to remember what is behind this type of diet. This weight loss program strictly prohibits the intake of carbohydrates. One must remember that your body needs a certain amounts carbohydrates to survive. Once you lower your intake or carbohydrates, you body will re-adjust itself to burn less calories. Many people also report feeling a lack of energy when on low carb diets. The low carb diet is not a long term solution these exact reasons.

Many have also tried Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers diets. These diets place a lot of emphasis on what exactly what foods you eat and the portions thereof. Generally speaking, this is a good approach. But the problem lies in the fact that you must eat their food in order to maintain your diet. This is inherently problematic as we all know how chaotic life can be sometimes. If you go out to eat or visit relatives, are you going to take your Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig meals with you? Both of these programs make money by selling you food, which is not inexpensive. In these ways, a Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers dieting program is just not practical.

As you can see, these weight loss programs all have drawbacks and pitfalls. Some dieting pills are only effective for the short term and are dangerous. Some are rushed to market without substantial testing. Low carb diets are only effective short term. They rob your body of much needed energy causing you to feel sluggish. After a short period of time, your body will readjust itself to burn less calories, making low carb diet ineffective for the long term. While Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers diet programs offer a slightly better approach, they are expensive, cumbersome and not a complete diet program.

There are safe and healthy weight loss programs that do work. When considering a diet program, exercising common sense is a must. The methods that work are the tried and true methods that make a complete dieting program. There are no true “lose weight overnight” solutions, however, you can lose as much as 9 lbs every 11 days by using a complete weight loss program, without pills, ordering meals or starving yourself. Don’t forget that some diet pills are both safe and effective and that any weight loss plan should involve exercise.