The Science behind Burning Fat

Fat BurnFat BurnFat Burn  Losing weight has a very huge market as everyone seems to want to lose some of their unwanted fats. That is why there are hundreds of supposedly effective slimming products and supplements and weigh loss diet plans, equipment, and training programs that are being commercialized in the media. Most of them would claim that their product or service has been scientifically-proven and has been effective for many individuals, especially celebrities. But have you ever wondered about the real science of how you burn fat?

Burning fat actually occurs every minute. We lose weight depending on the amount of fat we use for our body’s fuel and energy. Medical experts argue that most products and services that claim burn our excess fat are full of empty promises and have no scientific basis whatsoever like what they claim to have.

According to the experts, the first, most essential element in losing weight is having control of your insulin levels. The hormone is known for storing fat, along with its twin body compound, carbohydrates. Higher insulin levels are caused by higher levels of sugar in the blood, which comes from calorie-rich food. That is why the lower your insulin levels are the higher your weight loss. One of the most effective ways in controlling your insulin release is to limit your intake of carbs. Getting into a low-carbohydrate diet includes a high percentage of protein-rich food such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and nuts, as well as fruits and vegetables, most especially cherries and greens. This also involves the avoidance of bread, pasta, and grains which are very high in carbohydrates.

In the language of science, vegetables play two essential roles in how to burn fat. First is that reduces hunger quicker, thus stopping us from overeating and diving into our cravings. Veggies help us lower our insulin levels as well. Second is that most greens act as “angiogenesis inhibitors”. This means that veggies, especially broccoli, mushrooms, and onions, will cause less fat growth in the body.

Other foods that have proven to be effective natural fat-burners are virgin plant foods such as coconut and olive oil, and anything rich in fiber such as different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Virgin food balances our insulin levels while fiber defends the body from excessive sugar and helps in slow digestion, making you feel full longer. Fatty acids like omega-3 and l-carnitine can ironically burn fat as well. They help in increasing your metabolism and contribute in your resistance of your cravings. Other effective fat-burners proven by science are black rice, cinnamon, citrus fruits, different kinds of edible seeds, ginger, grapes, green tea, pepper, spinach, tomatoes, and many more.

In terms of exercise, the most effective way is a sufficient combination of both cardio and resistance exercises and trainings. Too much exercise can be wasteful and even heightens the risk of injuries. Lack of sleep and stress are regarded by the experts as two of the major factors of weight gain. These often lead overeating.