Diet Pill Scams and the Not-so-Wonderful World of Dr. Oz

diet pill scam, dr ozMillions have reportedly been mislead or scammed by so called “diet pill free trial” offers.  To make matters worse, even Dr. Oz has gotten in on the act which has only confused consumers further. In order to find good deals and save money, one must learn how to avoid these at all costs.

The new “miracle ingredient”

Usually, it starts with some new “miracle” ingredient such as garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean or raspberry ketones.  Next, the producers of the show will film and broadcast a show where Dr. Oz interviews an “expert” whom is more often than not the owner of a new supplement company.

Immediately after Dr. Oz endorses an ingredient or product, Internet and other marketers seize upon the opportunity with their own brand of the product while promoting it in unscrupulous ways. This has become known as the Dr. Oz effect. They use the Dr. Oz “endorsement” in many creative ways with their own websites promising free diet pills while enrolling you in an autoship program. If not cancelled within a specified amount of time, extravagant charges appear on the customer’s credit card. Unbelievably, some consumers report not being able to contact the website where they originally purchased the product.

The entire situation has caused such a stir that even congress has taken notice, several times in fact. The video below shows just one of the grillings Dr. Oz took before congress.

The auto ship program

Many times, a diet pill brand will offer a free trial offer in which the customer receives a bottle of their product at little to no cost.

Not all auto-ship programs are created equal.  Believe it or not, some are both trustworthy and affordable.  One such example is the Ephedrex program .  First of all, they give you up to 14 days to cancel with no hassle or obligation.  They don’t make you jump through hoops to cancel either.  All you have to do is email them.

Instead of charging you more, they actually give you $10 off the regular price along with free shipping.  This way, you are actually saving money over buying another bottle each time you run out.  It is simliar to other dieting programs where one receives food or other things on a regular basis. This is just one example and there are others if you know where to look.

Give them a call before you order.

That’s right! If it seems like a good product and legitimate deal, send them an email before you place the order. Do this to test how responsive they are. If your email goes unanswered, you can safely assume your shopping experience will be similar.

If, on the other hand, a prompt and professional responsive is received, one can have more confidence the company operates in an ethical manner and can be trusted.

Don’t trust everyone

In the end, there are no steps you can take that will keep you 100% safe. Truth is, there are some great deals out there if you can see past the bad ones.

Using these tips will help stack the odds greatly in your favor:

  1. Avoid anything endorsed by Dr. Oz
  2. Read ALL of the fine print
  3. Make sure the company can be contacted